Skrit Vrt Bled Snackbar

Skriti Vrt (Mystic Garden) SnackBar

Currently Closed!

Skriti Vrt (Mystic Garden) is a daily Snack-bar and Cafe with a outside seating area surrounded by greens.  Most of the spices and vegetables grow in the backyard, and are then mixed into dishes or used as a decoration (tasty and eatable decoration).  Chefs enjoy to prepare unique deserts and snacks, but with tradition of our local heritage, and preparation techniques of new era.  Silver lining is healthy, fresh and organic products, so that you get a true taste of food of Slovenia and Bled’s local recipes descended from our grand mothers.


Cafe currently Closed, until further notice.

  • Central location
  • Green and peaceful
  • Exquisite goodies
  • Healthy snacks

Let me see…

  • Skrit Vrt Bled Snackbar
  • Skrit Vrt Bled Snackbar
  • Skrit Vrt Bled Snackbar
  • Skrit Vrt Bled Snackbar


  • “Don't miss when in Bled” Although this comes under Vegan / Vegetarian, this restaurant is so much more! They do obviously cater to vegans, vegetarians (and in my friend's case gluten-free) etc. However this restaurant serves amazing meat and fish meals as well. We had the three course option and could not fault anything - the food and the service were perfect. The wine was also amazing. Great atmosphere and views as well. I will definitely go out of my way to return to this restaurant again and could not recommend it more to others.
    • Visited August 2014
    Sarah R
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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